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Uses for a Boom Crane

While there are multitudes of types of mobile cranes, boom cranes (which are also known as stiff, telescopic or straight boom cranes) have been widely used for many years. There are many uses for a boom crane in several different industries and, at TNT Crane and Rigging, we have a long history of experience with hoisting operations across Alberta.

What is a Boom Crane?

Boom cranes are a type of mobile crane that is situated on a truck chassis which can easily traverse roads and most worksites. The crane has an independent cab which can rotate with the boom to provide a range of hoisting maneuvers. These mobile cranes come in a variety of sizes that are capable of lifting a wide range of load sizes and different lengths of booms. They typically have stiff booms that telescope to provide added reach for hoisting operations.

Different Uses for a Boom Crane

Boom cranes can be used in hoisting operations to lift and move heavy loads and they are also ideal for use as personnel platforms when used with a man‐basket. Boom cranes have some flatbed space for the delivery of materials to jobsites, so these cranes may be used as delivery vehicles for large, heavy building or industrial supplies. Some of the different industries that boom cranes are used in include:


Boom cranes are ideal for the hoisting, delivery, and placement of heavy building supplies and they are frequently used in the field of construction. These cranes are utilized for fragile lifts since the boom moves straight up and down, this also provides the ability to hold the load with the steel arm for a longer period or as long as the operator needs.


HVAC units are typically very heavy and need to be installed at exceptional heights, and boom cranes are perfectly suited to this job. With a boom truck, HVAC units can easily be delivered and installed with one piece of equipment.


Whether they are being used for installation or maintenance, boom cranes are commonly used in the electrical industry. Using a boom crane with a man‐basket allows electrical technicians to work at great heights with full maneuverability.

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