As we thought about expanding our company in Northern Alberta, we thought to ourselves, what will make this work. What we cam up with is a pretty neat idea that we know will help us win in this new Edmonton Alberta crane service market. Service customers who have typically been ignored.

We were small so we knew how to service our customers. Taxi crane service in  is big for our sister company Eagle West Cranes. We knew the little guy not only helped keep us afloat in the hard times, but we serviced them like they were gold in the good times. Now that we are part of a large organization, we have the perfect blend of over 600 pieces of iron, over 40 locations across North America and a small town service mentality that the “big guys” forgot was important.

Insert TNT Crane & Rigging Canada here. We are going to dominate. Not because we big and brash. We’re going to win because we have the ability, the skills, the safety record AND the ability to keep customers happy. So wake up Edmonton, theirs a new crane service sheriff in town.customer-service

The Changing Customer Landscape

Tell me if you’ve heard this one. A small, mom-and-pop store that’s been around for ages suddenly faces extinction when the big, bad box-store comes to town. Customers are lured away by the inventory, discounts, and sheer square footage of the chain store, leaving the family-owned business in the dust.

It’s a classic tale, but not one that holds up with today’s consumer. Studies have shown customers’ buying decisions are no longer driven solely by price. In fact, a 2010 study by Harris Interactive found 9 out of 10 Canadians are willing to pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. Based on this information, it comes as less of a surprise that small businesses are on the rise. The battle for customers is no longer being fought with discounts and sales, but with human connections and quality service—classic strengths of small business.

blog-scrabble1It’s the Small Things That Count

If perception is everything, then our experience as a taxi first, large project second mentality will let the small & medium sized businesses know we are ready to win them over with customer service first. 80% of Canadians agree that service and having someone care about your business as much as you do is important. Actually its foundational to trust in the business place. We think that trust has been broken or overlooked in Edmonton. That’s about to change. Customers are already coming to us with a higher level of trust than they would a large business, so it’s up to us to continue to deliver.

Share Our Passion

After the homepage, the most commonly viewed page on a company’s site is the ‘About Us’ page. Potential customers want to know who they are doing business with, so give them the opportunity to connect with you as a individual. We use real photos of our team and our office. What’s even better is we have a 35 year history of quality customer service in the Southern Alberta crane service market. People shared why they felt slighted by the big crane companies in Edmonton. If your name didn’t have a big yellow shell logo behind it, you were at the end of the line. Our passion is to support small business and help make their services better.

Focus on Relationships

Small businesses have a distinct advantage over large companies in that they are better able to build one-on-one relationships with their customers. We’re great at this too! Remember, loyal customers are loyal because they felt they had worth. Up to 10 times as many people stay loyal when theirs a relationship and they feel valued. We take the time to not just smooze you, we take a few minutes asking questions about your business and getting to know you. Add in client files for special information and update this area periodically. Knowing a client is great. Servicing a customer is better. Having a relationship with our customers is best. We are just like you, trying to make a living for our families and loving how we are doing it.

Pay Attention to the Details

We love the company that helps us with our day to day. We like to think when you partner with us, we will consider the details of your project you may have overlooked. Everything from your delivery schedule, to your lift plan to the final invoice, you are going to experience a new crane service experience like never before.

Small Business  may only do small projects. But to them, they are the heart and soul of their business. We are coming Edmonton. And we’re bringing a new attitude to crane service that you haven’t yet experienced. And we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it.

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