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Crawler Cranes vs Mobile Cranes

When deciding what type of crane to use on your jobsite, knowing the differences between crawler cranes and mobile cranes can help you pick the right crane for the task at hand. At TNT Crane and Rigging, we know how important it is to have the right crane for any job that requires heavy lifting, which is why we offer a variety of equipment rentals.

Do I Need a Crawler Crane or a Mobile Crane?

In some situations, crawler cranes and other types of mobile cranes are capable of accomplishing similar jobs. In actuality, a crawler crane is a type of mobile crane that has been designed for the specific purpose of being able to handle any type of terrain and lift and move extremely heavy loads. Whether a certain job will require a crawler crane or another type of mobile crane will depend on a couple of factors. Before renting a crane, make sure that you assess the type of terrain that the jobsite is set on, as well as the size and weight of the materials that need to be hoisted.

Comparing Crawler Cranes and Mobile Cranes

There are many similarities between crawler cranes and other types of mobile cranes. Both are capable of hoisting heavy loads to great heights and both have similar components and hoisting mechanisms. Crawler cranes are typically able to lift greater loads than most types of mobile cranes and can often reach greater heights than other cranes; however, the biggest difference between the two types of cranes comes in the crane’s range of mobility. Most mobile cranes are mounted on a truck body, which means that they are capable of driving on roads and getting from one jobsite to the next without assistance from any other vehicle. Because crawler cranes use treads for mobility, they are only able to navigate a jobsite and require transport to get from place to place. Crawler cranes are better suited to navigate rough or slippery jobsites than other types of mobile cranes, which makes them valuable in underdeveloped settings.

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