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Crane Operator Safety in Northern Alberta

Crane Safety, Cranes | Oct 22 / 19

Regardless of what job a crane is being used for, it is always vital to know the standards of crane operator safety in Northern Alberta. Mobile cranes are incredibly useful pieces of equipment but, without the proper safety precautions, they can also be incredibly dangerous. At TNT Crane and Rigging, safety is our top priority at all times and our commitment to safety has helped us structure a company culture that is dedicated to protecting the health, wellbeing, and property of our employees and clients.

Alberta Crane Operator Safety Standards

When it comes to crane operation, there are many different aspects that affect the safety of the operator and the jobsite. In every Alberta hoisting job, there are multiple safety components that should be considered in order to ensure that every person involved and standing by is as protected as possible. Some of these crane operation safety standards include:

Training and Experience

Having an operator in charge of the crane who is knowledgeable and experienced is vitally important. They should be able to spot problems before they occur and accomplish the job with efficiency without putting anyone at risk.

Equipment Inspections and Maintenance

Before each hoist, make sure that the equipment being used has been fully tested and inspected to avoid malfunctions. Create an inspection check list for each day that the hoist is being used. If anything stands out, cease all operation of the crane until it can be professionally fixed. Keep rigorous maintenance standards for all crane equipment and be aware of different inspections standards needed for different seasons. In Northern Alberta, crane inspection needs might vary between summer and winter.

Preparation and Planning

Planning ahead for each hoist will help you to avoid issues that might come up on the jobsite. Making sure that you are prepared with the necessary hoisting materials and the right size of mobile crane and not moving forward with a job for which you are underprepared can help you avoid accidents. Think ahead about the type of ground being operated on, the season of the hoisting operation, and any other details that might be relevant. Proper planning can be found with an Alberta hoisting technical service centre.

To find out more about crane operator safety in Northern Alberta, or if you would like to learn more about any of the crane rentals and services that we offer, please call TNT Crane and Rigging at 800‐799‐2505, or find the branch closest to you.